The Dynamic Lightbox

When images come to life, creativity has no limits.

Flowbox enables brands to showcase images that come to life. Flowbox is the dynamic lightbox combining printed textile with LED animations creating animated captivating lighting effects. Thanks to its redesign, Flowbox is easier than ever to set up. Designed to be SIMPLE and ELEGANT inside and outside. It includes configuration options to create an immersive experience in point of sales.

Unlimited creativity

Combining visual and animation we are able to create infinite effects. From the most subtile movements to the most animated ones full of movement and color. Unlimited creativity options, a certified design team will create the animated content to elevate any campaign to the highest and deliver immersive experiences.


Flowbox is even a more versatile product thanks to its wide range of applications in point of sales. We create and adapt to the needs of any brand by adding accessories and technologies to the product.

Product glorification

We have developed a range of accessories to showcase the products of any retailer brand and foster their sell-out. Glorificating their value proposition to final customer.

Ambient & Atmosphere

One of the most significant features of the total product proposition is the place. In some cases, the atmosphere of stores is more influential than the product itself in the purchasing decision. We combine light, movement and brightness to create a brand matching atmosphere.

Easy assembly

Flowbox is easier to assemble than ever; no cables, no connectors. Snap the profiles together with a simple clip, place the magnetized plates smoothly on the profiles and insert the SD with the animation into its slot.


In line with our commitment to the environment, Flowbox consumption is up to 80% lower than a TV screen. Flowbox packaging is 100% recyclable, composed of cardboard and vegetable glue.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in Flowbox and want more information about the product, creativity options and applications, contact us!

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